Audit and Due Diligence

Auditing your intellectual property to value your company

A modern company works to tight deadlines set by its customers and is under pressure from the competition, so technical, industrial and commercial decisions are often taken at short notice. Intellectual property choices are sometimes made in isolation and are not always systematically reassessed. It is fundamental, however, to base everyday protective actions on a proactive and regularly reassessed global approach.

Hautier IP can provide you with a complete analysis of the state of your title portfolio and examine the internal procedures put in place. An assessment is made and we offer recommendations to improve or reorient your company’s protection policy. Employing experts with complementary strategic, technical and legal skills – for example in patents as well as trademarks and designs – Hautier will be able to summarise your situation. Your intellectual property will be given a more solid foundation and brought up to date.

This type of audit/due diligence assignment is also entrusted to us by companies wishing to go public or prepare for a sale/transfer of their business.

Identifying the risks of an investment

We also carry out due diligence for investors, natural persons and companies wishing to know the advantages and risks of the intellectual property associated with an acquisition.

Our audit/due diligence processes include:

  • An individual review of industrial property titles with ratings and rankings (extent of rights, validity of titles, ability to enforce titles, etc.);
  • A summary of the strengths and weaknesses noted;
  • Reviews of the existing IP policy and reassessment of strategic objectives;
  • Assessment of the policy put in place with regard to trends in the industrial or commercial sector concerned;
  • An audit report setting out the changes that we recommend;
  • Identification of risks in terms of PIA.