The aim of SATTs (Technology Transfer Accelerator Offices) in France is to derive value from innovations by public sector laboratories.
Their primary role is to protect these innovations so that value can be derived from them through partnership agreements such as operating licences.
his requires a particular registration strategy and specific experience, especially with regard to co-owned innovations.
Our team of specialist engineers and lawyers deals daily with the protection of innovations, valuation of these innovations and technology transfer.

Our knowledge of the world of public sector research, through a large number of patents operated in this area by our team and via the Curie network, allows us to communicate effectively with SATTs and understand their needs.

Our areas of expertise for SATTs:



Litigation and defence

Strategy and IP Management

  • Trademark registration
  • Patent registration
  • Software
  • Domain names
  • Financial evaluation
  • Licence
  • Fundraising audit
  • Aid and subsidies
  • Negotiation
  • Legal consultation
  • Freedom to operate
  • IP strategy development
  • IP training and seminars
  • Employee inventions