1892 Foundation of the firm under the name of Office Méditerranéen des Brevets d’Inventions.


1964 René HAUTIER takes over the running of this firm, which he decides will be based in Nice.


1972 Jean-Louis HAUTIER continues to develop the business under the name of Office Méditerranéen des Brevets d’Inventions – Cabinet HAUTIER. The firm then specialises in Trademarks, Designs and Copyright in addition to its historical Patent business.


1975 Strengthening of ties with the Monaco Office.


1990 In the 90s, Jean-Louis HAUTIER surrounds himself with a first-rate team including Jean-Pascal DECOBERT, Ségolène LUHERNE, Rozenn CORNET and Joëlle MENARDO, who to this day are still key figures in the company.


1992 Opening of an office in Sophia Antipolis, the largest European technology park, focussed on the telecommunications, digital and microelectronics industry.


2007 Nicolas HAUTIER and Jean-Pascal DECOBERT take over the management of the firm and ensure sustained growth, making it a key player in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (PACA) region and Isère.


2013 Opening of a subsidiary in Monaco, on the same street as the Monaco Office in the district of Fontvieille. Focussing on Monegasque companies as well as internationally, this subsidiary allows our clients to benefit from our expertise in Monegasque, French and European law, and our worldwide network of partners for developing local and global strategies.


2014 Marie Clotilde Schies becomes head of the Monegasque office.

            Opening of an office in Grenoble for a stronger presence near our clients in Isère.


2015 Acquisition of Cabinet Pecheral in Monaco.


2016 Quentin Bronchart becomes head of the Grenoble office.                           

2017 Cabinet HAUTIER is renamed HAUTIER IP, consistent with the business’ international outlook.


2019 Relocation of our Grenoble office to Avenue Doyen Louis Weil in order to support the growth of our Isère team.


2022 Relocation of our Monaco office to Avenue Albert II.

             Celebration of the 13th anniversary of HAUTIER IP.

Today, HAUTIER IP has a team of around twenty people including lawyers and engineers specialising in all areas of Intellectual Property.

Committed for many years to a strategic and economic approach to Intellectual Property, the Hautier IP team has accrued in-depth expertise in the areas of IP valuation and IP and litigation management, in addition to the traditional business of IP title acquisition.