Nowadays, Intellectual Property has a strategic function in the management of a group. This function often has several aims, including:

    • avoiding attacks initiated by competitors,
    • participating in the financial valuation of the company,
    • protecting the group’s products and image, combating infringement,
    • securing the group’s position in its partnerships with subcontractors, research laboratories, consortia, etc.,
    • stimulating innovation by R&D teams.

The entire IP strategy must therefore be the subject of precisely defined processes and procedures that should be rolled out to all entities in the group. The performance and quality of these processes must be continuously monitored.

For large groups, HAUTIER IP’s teams have developed robust and efficient processes that ensure consistency in quality and deadlines, as well as budget control.

For some of our large group clients, we are the “architect” of the group’s strategy. For other clients, we deploy the strategy directed by the group’s IP teams.

HAUTIER IP has also developed innovative competitive intelligence tools based on intellectual property data. For example, these tools have made it possible to anticipate upheavals in certain markets, with the arrival of new players such as GAFA (Google ®, Apple ®, Facebook ® and Amazon ®) on markets that are totally foreign to their core businesses.

These competitive intelligence tools provide the group with a rich, unique and far-sighted upstream vision of emerging technologies as well as the technological directions taken by its competitors.

Our areas of expertise for Large Groups:



Litigation and defence

Strategy and IP Management

  •  Trademarks
  •  Patents
  •  Software
  •  Domain names
  • Licence
  • Negotiation
  • Merger and acquisition audit
  • Consortium
  • Legal consultation
  • Freedom to operate
  • Infringement action
  • Opposition
  • Infringement seizure
  • IP strategy development
  • IP training and seminars
  • Employee inventions
  • Portfolio rationalisation
  • IP mapping
  • Cross-border strategy