A start-up’s valuation is based on its potential to generate business and financial flows, rather than on its turnover.

This potential is essentially based on the start-up’s intangible property: its know-how, technology, trademarks, databases, designs, software, etc.

Thus, a start-up’s intangible property is usually its main asset. As soon as possible in the start-up’s life, a carefully thought-out protection strategy must be put in place for its intellectual property.
This protection strategy does not have to be complicated or expensive, especially in the early years of the start-up’s life. It is indeed possible to secure the start-up’s intellectual property efficiently by deferring major investments as much as possible, so that they are made after a fundraising phase or turnover growth.

With a historic presence in the Sophia-Antipolis technology park, a particularly fertile land of innovation for the last 40 years, HAUTIER IP’s teams are experienced in supporting and advising start-ups.
We are proud to see that many start-ups we have supported have enjoyed remarkable success, and that the products and services they have developed are now part of everyone’s daily life.

We have put in place a range of offers specifically tailored to the needs and constraints of start-ups.

We recommend that project holders begin thinking about intellectual property early in the design phase of their business plan. We then support the project holders throughout the growth of their business by establishing an intellectual property roadmap with them.

The initial stage of title registration is particularly important. Indeed, whether we are dealing with a trademark, design or patent, the way it is initially registered affects two things, for France and the rest of the world:

  • the soundness of the title, in other words its ability to withstand third-party attacks, and
  • the scope of protection provided by the title, in other words its ability to generate broad enough protection to keep your competitors at bay.

So the way the intellectual property title is initially registered directly affects its value. This initial registration therefore has a direct impact on the start-up’s valuation.

We strongly recommend that project holders carry out an audit, even a preliminary one, before any fundraising phase. Indeed, experience has shown us that rather than having to undergo an audit conducted by investors, it is much better for the start-up to anticipate this audit in order to take corrective action, which is sometimes simple and fast, so as not to weaken the company’s position in relation to its investors.

HAUTIER IP’s teams also have a very thorough knowledge of aid and subsidy schemes for start-ups as well as networks of public and private sector structures for support and financing.

We are here to help you discover our range of “IP Fire” offers dedicated to start-ups and identify the most suitable solution for your company.

Our areas of expertise for start-ups:



Litigation and defence

Strategy and IP Management

  • Trademarks
  • Patents
  • Softwares
  • Domain names
  • Geographical indication
  • Designs and models
  • Copyrights
  • Financial evaluation
  • Licence
  • Fundraising audit
  • Aid and subsidies
  • Negotiation
  • Legal consultation
  • Freedom to operate
  • IP strategy development
  • IP training and seminars
  • Employee inventions