Valuation of intellectual property assets is an essential part of investing in a company or start-up.
This valuation must take account of the commercial aspect of the innovations, but also the relevance and scope of the protection associated with the innovation.
Even if it is a big commercial success, an unprotected or poorly protected innovation always has a lower valuation due to a risk of increased commercial competition.

Our experts routinely check all the legal and technical data of innovations in order to assess the situation and make an effective valuation of the targeted innovations in order to keep your investments as safe as possible.

The first step is a review of the status of the IP titles involved. Our experts conduct this analysis and make use of our international network if they need to check anything on local registers.

Another aspect is a critical audit of the IP titles. On the one hand, many agreements may relate to titles not yet granted (patent applications in particular). On the other hand, the validity of the titles obtained may be contestable. Lastly, the scope of protection advertised by a potential partner may turn out to be different from that actually conferred by their IP portfolio. HAUTIER IP gives you a detailed view of the quality of IP titles for a more astute contractual and financial commitment.

Our areas of expertise for investors:



  • Trademarks
  • Patents
  • Software
  • Domain names
  • Designs
  • Copyright
  • Agreement
  • Licensing
  • Aid and subsidies
  • Negotiation
  • Fundraising audit, mergers and acquisitions
  • Financial evaluation

Litigation and defence

Strategy and IP Management

  • Legal consultation
  • Freedom to operate
  • Infringement action
  • Opposition
  • Infringement seizure
  • IP strategy development
  • IP training and seminars
  • Employee inventions
  • Portfolio rationalisation
  • IP mapping
  • Cross-border strategy