Enhancing your intellectual wealth requires an overall vision that goes well beyond simply applying for patents or trademarks.

We develop a resolutely strategic and economic approach to intellectual property.

From the outset, we work with you to define the aims to be achieved and then devise the most effective strategies to do this.

To this end, we go beyond our consulting role and truly put ourselves in your position and that of your competitors.

It is this care taken, from the moment we prepare to apply for each trademark or draft each patent, that will give you a solid title, conferring a broad scope of protection and making the most of your company’s intangible assets. From complete support to targeted action, we tailor our service to meet your needs and your internal organisation (deadline, budget, free quotation, etc.).

For every case, we always plan a work meeting, in person, by telephone or by videoconference.

Regarding our fees, we work on a fixed quotation basis for some of our services. Other services are charged according to the time spent on the project by our experts. In this case, we inform you of the applicable hourly rate along with the budget interval to plan for. This interval commits us and gives you the visibility that you need. We can also set up subscriptions to cover all foreseeable interventions.

Since no department of a company can avoid budgetary constraints, we offer services tailored to our clients’ needs and budgets.

On request, we can provide our clients with a full forecast of the expected budgets for intellectual property.

By streamlining our internal procedures and carefully selecting our partners (foreign firms, translators), we offer our clients high-level services with very competitive budgets.

Our legal, scientific and administrative teams tailor the content of our consultations, communication flows and billing flows according to our clients’ preferred procedures.