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Sophie Brenet has a generalist background in Chemistry, Physics and Biology and has specialized during her academic career in the fields of technologies and nanotechnologies for Energy and Health. She has acquired technical skills by working in different academic laboratories, institutes and in collaboration with a start-up.
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Academic Titles

  • European Patent Litigator
  • EPO Attorney – Senior
  • European Qualifying Examination (EQE)
  • Graduated from CEIPI with a specialization in Patents
  • Doctorate in Physics (Doctoral School of Physics, University of Grenoble Alpes)
  • Master 2 in Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies


  • Defining protection strategies
  • Drafting and obtaining patents
  • Practice of foreign procedures
  • Oral opposition proceedings before the EPO
  • Patentability studies / Legal and technical watch
  • Freedom to operate study


  • Nanotechnologies & Microelectronic
  • Physic, Optic and Quantum Physic
  • Plasma
  • Materials Science, Chemistry
  • Energy (battery, nuclear)
  • Microfluidic
  • Mechanics, Robotics and Instrumentation

Registered European Patent Attorney, Sophie Brenet has been with Hautier IP for five years. She prepares and defends patent portfolios around multidisciplinary themes for research laboratories and industrial companies. She helps start-ups and SMEs define their IP strategy and protect their innovations through patents.

She is involved in a wide range of technical fields, regularly working on fundamental and quantum physics, microelectronics (transistors, quantum devices, III-N materials, microLEDs, MEMS and NEMS), plasma (plasma reactor architectures, plasma applicators, plasma treatment processes), instrumentation (compound detection, optical space terminals, laboratory equipment), sensors (optical, acoustic, biometric), medical devices (implantable and non-implantable, eg. e.g. H2 delivery, electrodes, artificial pancreas/skin), AI-assisted diagnostics, materials (electrodes, composite materials, paper and cellulose chemistry), mechanics (robotics), software and algorithms, etc.



During her academic career, Sophie Brenet took part in a number of research projects in various academic laboratories at the CEA and UGA, focusing on electronic noses, organic thermoelectricity, characterization of organic materials and experimental oncology. Sophie Brenet has acquired multi-disciplinary technical skills in physics, chemistry and biology, which she put to good use during her PhD on the development of an artificial nose in collaboration with the start-up Aryballe Technologies.

She joined HAUTIER in 2018. Graduating from CEIPI in 2021, she passed the qualifying examination with the European Patent Office (EQE) in 2023. She is currently preparing for the French qualifying examination.