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Rozenn Cornet has valuable expertise in all administrative procedures in the field of patents. Under the patent representatives’ supervision, she manages the team of assistants in charge of registrations in France and abroad.
Her knowledge of legislation and best practice in patent procedures in the countries commonly chosen by applicants makes her a considerable asset to the whole team and our clients. Rozenn Cornet joined HAUTIER IP in 1995.
+ 33 (0)4 93 87 71 39


  • Head of the Administrative Service for patent application procedures, France and international
  • Head of the annuity management department


  • Registration and foreign procedures, particularly before the following offices:
  • PCT procedure
  • European validations
  • Payment of annuities in France and abroad

Rozenn CORNET supervises the administrative assistants in all patent applications in France, Europe, PCT and foreign registrations.

On a daily basis, she also takes care of regularisation formalities after registration, management of administrative deadlines, coordination and provision of information to clients, foreign colleagues and national offices.
She also supervises formalities following issuance of titles in France and abroad (payment of issuance fees, regularisation of annuities, acquisition of the official title).

Rozenn CORNET is head of the annuity management department. She is therefore in charge of monitoring and payment of the annual fees due for maintaining patents and patent applications in France and abroad.

She also takes care of training other administrative staff in the field of patents.

Moreover, she pays particular attention to fostering close relationships with her counterparts in our network’s foreign offices, in order to improve the quality of foreign procedures continuously.

She is in charge of quality control for patent procedures. She therefore ensures that notifications from the various offices and registration confirmations are forwarded to our clients within 24 hours at the latest.

Lastly, Rozenn CORNET is in charge of the firm’s IT department as well as database management and maintenance.