Portfolio rationalisation

In larger SMEs and large groups, IP portfolios can quickly become substantial.

An expanding IP portfolio means an increase in the costs of procedures and maintenance of the protection titles.

At the same time, your company’s projects evolve and protections that were essential at a previous stage of your company’s development may no longer be relevant. Likewise, the development of new projects may enter into competition with projects for which protection already exists.

Portfolio rationalisation enables you to keep control of the IP budget so that the latter remains a competitive weapon and does not become a burden that hampers the company’s development.

When rationalising a portfolio, multiple criteria must be taken into account, such as:

  • What titles are being operated
  • What are the key titles to be protected
  • How far along is the procedure for each of the titles
  • What are the new projects and are they compatible with previous ones
  • What are the costs associated with each title with regard to their potential operations.

HAUTIER IP helps you to rationalise your portfolio by working with you to determine which titles should be maintained and which can be abandoned without adversely affecting your company overly or at all.

Of course, you are in charge of the entire decision-making process at all times.