IP strategy development

By developing an IP strategy, you can ensure optimal protection for your project from registration onwards.

Indeed, a number of questions may arise from the moment your innovation is first created. For example, is it preferable to apply for a patent in France? Then arrange a national extension? A European one? An international one? Is it necessary to register a design and/or a trademark at the same time? In which countries? Once protection has been arranged, do you need to continue in a specific country with a complex procedure? Is it preferable to abandon certain countries and register new protections for other variants of the innovation or the initial distinctive sign? Do you need to take action against infringement immediately or is it preferable to let the infringing turnover grow?

By developing an IP strategy, you can take all of these factors into consideration in order to give your innovations the highest possible level of protection. This optimisation of IP naturally has a direct impact on the profitability of your innovations

An IP strategy must be alive, always adapting to your imperatives and to continuous developments in your innovation. Therefore, the IP strategy can and must be redefined regularly, depending on how your company and projects evolve.

Hautier IP’s teams can help you to develop such a strategy and organise IP within your company in order to make your innovations as profitable as possible. Developing this strategy begins as soon as you contact us for advice about the type of protection you are considering. It then continues as we go through the procedures and development of your projects. In this way, we form an intellectual property partnership with our clients, whom we support throughout the operation of their technical and aesthetic innovations.