Our team of engineers, all specialising in industrial property law, bring you patent solutions that take account of the technical and legal aspects of your project, as well as financial and tax issues.

Our services

Operation and defence of your patents

  • Litigation and pre-litigation negotiation
  • Infringement seizure
  • Infringement action
  • Action against unfair competition and parasitism

Acquisition and maintenance of your patents

  • Drafting of patent applications
  • Priority search
  • Worldwide filing of patent applications
  • Invention patentability study
  • Official procedure monitoring
  • Portfolio management and payment of annuities
  • Confidentiality agreement

Action against your competitors’ patents

  • Freedom to operate study
  • Opposition before the European Patent Office
  • Patent invalidity action
  • Technological intelligence and monitoring of your competitors’ patents

Valuation of your patents

  • Audit, portfolio evaluation
  • Negotiation
  • Drafting of licence and assignment agreements
  • Due diligence
  • Technology transfer
  • Negotiation of agreements

Our areas of expertise

Thanks to their training and experience, our specialists are skilled in the following areas in particular: :

  • mechanics
  • biomedical
  • biotechnology
  • physics
  • automotive
  • materials
  • electronics and microelectronics
  • pharmacology
  • computing
  • business methods
  • chemistry
  • energy production

Protection of your technical innovations demands an effective patent strategy

The patent gives its holder a monopoly over the operation of a technology. It therefore offers a considerable competitive advantage. Moreover, a patent portfolio accounts for much of the value of a company’s assets. In recent years, the proportion of intangible industrial property assets in companies’ balance sheets has significantly increased.

The patent can thus be both an offensive and defensive asset with multiple functions: valuation of your intangible assets, defence of your markets by reserving technology, creation of deterrents and inter-company negotiation using licences, assignment, contribution to the innovative image of your company, etc.

Quality of drafting and knowledge of issuance procedures directly affect your patents’ value.

A complete service offer

We can assist throughout the life of your patents: consultations and priority searches, assessments of your products’ risk of infringing on your competitors’ patents, drafting of patent applications, worldwide registration and monitoring of issuance procedures, litigation proceedings and opposition, preparation of infringement actions, audits of your patents, etc.