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Alexia TREHAULT is a Lawyer specialized in Business law, and more specifically in Industrial Property Law. She is responsible for the legal and administrative follow-up of procedures related to the acquisition, development, and defence of Patents in France, in Europe and abroad. Her expertise in Contract Law, acquired during her academic training in Private Law as well as her professional experience, also enables her to advise her clients about Assignment of rights, Partnerships Agreements, securing of assets, confidentiality, R&D, co-ownership and other Agreements related to Intellectual Property. Alexia Trehault joins HAUTIER IP in 2020.
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  • Intellectual Property Lawyer
  • Master’s degree in Intellectual Property Law and New Technologies
  • Master’s degree in Economic and Business Law


  • Legal advice on patent matters
  • Strategy of IP legam protection (procedures, local requirements, patent prosecution highway, grants, financial support to SMEs and subsidies)
  • Patentability and novelty study
  • Legal watch (national, regional Law)
  • Drafting and negotiation of Intellectual Property Rights Agreements
  • Management of IP Transfers
  • European Unitary Patent


  • Follow-up of patent prosecution in France, Europe and abroad (filing, examination, publication, granting, maintenance)
  • Management of administrative deadlines and official deadlines (office actions, extension, issuance, European validations…)
  • National Patent Register (change of ownership, address, name…)
  • Portfolio and procedure estimate of costs (IP budgets)


Alexia Trehault is Intellectual Property Lawyer, and assists her client in defining a relevant, personalized, and effective IP Strategy. She joined HAUTIER IP in 2020

Alexia Trehault is responsible for the legal and administrative follow-up of the procedures related to the acquisition, valuation, maintenance, and defence of Patents in France, in Europe and abroad for HAUTIER IP domestic or foreign clients and Partners. She especially manages the Administrative Patent Activity in Europe and France for HAUTIER IP Partners (mainly based in China, Japan, United-States…).

Alexia Trehault is constantly looking for legal and administrative means allowing to optimize the granting procedures while rationalizing the costs involved according to the size and profile of her clients, their sectors of activity and territories of interest. She develops strategic tools for the valuation of IP portfolios (PPH, IP cartography, International Procedure Forecasts…).

Specialized in Contract Law, Alexia Trehault also assists her clients in drafting contracts involving aspects of IP Law or Business Law, such as partnership agreements (private and public), confidentiality agreements, assignment of rights agreements, employees invention, licensing agreements, etc.