Our services

Valuation of your literary and artistic property

  • Audit, portfolio evaluation
  • Due diligence
  • Licensing and assignment agreements
  • Negotiation with your partners

General consultations and acquisition of your rights

  • Consultation on copyright
  • Copyright registration
  • Procedure monitoring

Operation and defence of your literary and artistic property

  • Litigation and pre-litigation negotiation
  • Infringement seizure
  • Infringement action
  • Action against unfair competition and parasitism

Consultation and action relating to your competitors’ rights:

  • Freedom to operate study
  • Invalidity action
  • Legal action
  • Supervision of literary and artistic property rights protected by your competitors

We operate in the following sectors in particular:

  • Construction
  • Security
  • Interior decoration
  • Agri-food industry
  • Leather goods
  • Car protection
  • Ready to wear
  • Lighting
  • Perfumery
  • Hardware
  • Cosmetics
  • Household electrical appliances
  • Tableware
  • Building site equipment
  • Pharmacy