The efficiency of industrial property can only be optimal if the company implements a well thought-out intellectual property management strategy. The stakes are high because the legal precautions and the requirements in terms of protection of creations and appropriate use of rights vary greatly from one company to another, as do the available budgets.

HAUTIER IP provides assistance in defining, setting up and monitoring your intellectual property strategy. Defining the procedure for handling inventions, managing relationships with inventors, and preserving know-how and secrets are just a few examples of the measures to be taken before any application is made. Setting objectives for patent or trademark portfolios and budget optimisation are other areas where we can support you. Your company can thus develop its intangible property with the appropriate means to achieve its goals.

By nature, intellectual property rights also lead to interaction with third parties, be they partners, competitors or even infringers. HAUTIER IP helps you to monitor competing industrial property activities and works with you to define the strategic positioning to adopt in your relationships with third parties.

These aspects of our services include:

  • Definition of priority strategic objectives in the field of intellectual property;
  • Construction of procedures for registering patents, trademarks and models to suit the allocated budgets, in line with the objectives set;
  • Advice on the management of employment contracts for employees in inventive roles;
  • Establishment of procedures for declaring and processing inventions;
  • Monitoring of title portfolios for updating and regular evaluation;
  • Monitoring of competitors’ industrial property activities;
  • Designing a general policy for handling disputes.