The field of agreements applies to all development stages of an intellectual property strategy. This might be before arranging protection, with confidentiality agreements, or after the first titles have been registered, with licensing, assignment, co-ownership and consortium agreements.

Our teams of lawyers and engineers draft these types of contracts daily for our clients.

The drafting of a property licensing or assignment agreement requires specific knowledge of intellectual property, with regard to the particular rules that apply to many aspects of this type of agreement.

Indeed, although these agreements are essentially governed by common rules of law, they share specific features depending on the titles to which they apply (law on patents, trademarks, software, etc.).

Moreover, the drafting of these agreements is particularly important, firstly in order to prevent and settle any potential disagreements between the contracting parties, and secondly because they are an essential element of some companies’ assets (a company practising licensing for example).

Our extensive experience in these areas allows us to take these specificities into account in order to provide you with optimal legal protection.

Naturally, we handle the formalities of registration on the trademark, design and patent registers, whether in France, in Monaco, at the European Offices, or at national offices abroad via our network of selected local agents.