Our team can advise and represent you in order to implement an effective strategy for the acquisition, defence and valuation of your trademarks. 

Our services

Valuation of your trademarks and domain names

  • Audit, portfolio evaluation
  • Due diligence
  • Co-existence agreement
  • Licensing and assignment agreements
  • Negotiations with your partners

Acquisition and maintenance of your trademarks

  • Trademark validity study
  • Trademark search
  • Registration content advice
  • Protection strategy consultations
  • Trademark registration
  • Official procedure monitoring
  • Trademark renewal management
  • Usage investigation

Action against your competitors

  • Freedom to operate study
  • Opposition
  • Trademark invalidity action
  • Revocation action
  • Trademark monitoring

Operation and defence of your trademarks and domain names

  • Litigation and pre-litigation negotiation
  • Infringement seizure
  • Infringement action
  • Action against unfair competition and parasitism

We operate in the following sectors in particular:

  • Construction
  • Computing and new technology
  • Food service
  • Telecommunications
  • Cosmetics industry
  • Local authorities
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Tourism and leisure
  • Agri-food industry
  • Business services
  • Flavouring industry
  • Leather goods

Registering your trademark: a strategy to put in place

The trademark is a rallying sign for customers, so it is essential to a company’s development and communication.

Protecting your trademark must therefore follow a carefully researched strategy (trademark to be registered, products and services to be designated, territory to be protected, etc.). The first registration is of vital importance as it determines all subsequent extensions.

A comprehensive service offer

We support you from the beginning of your project and work to defend and value your titles throughout your trademarks’ validity period.

We also advise you about the risks that your competitors’ titles may pose to you.

In addition, several types of protection can be combined for the same product. Protection by model or even by patent can therefore supplement trademark/domain name registration very effectively. Our team has specialists in all areas of industrial property. We believe this multi-domain expertise is essential to handling your project comprehensively and providing an effective solution.