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Siregbe FOFANA

FOFANA Siregbe is responsible for the information system. She assists the firm in the implementation of internal procedures, the implementation of methodological tools to respond to the firm’s problems and the securing of its data, the realization of computer security audits and the treatment of risks, the management of computer resources. She joined HAUTIER IP in 2022.
+ 33 (0)4 93 87 71 39


  • Information system manager
  • Master 2 MIAGE SIRIS (Computer Methods Applied to Business Management – Information System and Risk Management)

Risk management and treatment

  • Identification of the company’s vulnerability points.
  • Prioritization, formalization of the financial consequences of risky processes.
  • Steering of internal controls.
  • Implementation of appropriate risk coverage.
  • Assurance of the legal and financial security of the company.
  • Identification and mapping of risks that a company may encounter, whether technological, social, economic, financial, ecological, …
  • Evaluation of the company’s risks to enable appropriate decision-making by optimizing the allocation of the company’s resources.
  • Use of reference systems and standards in the field to characterize identified risks (ISO 31000, 27001, 27002, 27005, EBIOS Risk Manager

Project management

  • Identification and planning of IT project activities with the objective of designing an application, developing it and ensuring its adequacy to the expressed needs.
  • Reading and producing documentation for an IT project and leading the project team.
  • Management of an IT development project from the collection of requirements to delivery.
  • Managing or participating in all activities of an IT project: design, development, validation and production.