Qualifications - Training

- Senior Patent engineer
- Engineer graduated from the French CNAM school of engineers

Legal expertise

- Prior art searches
- Patent preparation and registration
- Legal assessments

Technical expertise

- IT & Telecom Industry
- Computer science
- Microelectronics
- Electronic devices

René Glaise is specialized in the fields of IT, telecommunications, computer science and microelectronics. He has acquired a strong expertise in these fields working at PHILIPS and IBM as a development engineer and then has a patent engineer.


René Glaise has been working in the microelectronics and computer science industries for many years in France and the United States, successively for PHILIPS and IBM. While with IBM he has accomplished extended assignments in the US; first in BURLINGTON (Vermont) where IBM facility is one of the largest microelectronics plants in the world, then in the Silicon Valley (California) and then in RTP (Research Triangle Park) near RALEIGH, North Carolina.
He had thus the opportunity to work on a very large scope of activities encompassing almost every aspect of the development of communications and computerized products. He was also involved in the development of software including the participation to the development of specialized micro codes and firmwares for the communication products developed jointly by LA GAUDE and RTP IBM centers.

René eventually moved to the intellectual property (IP) department of IBM at LAGAUDE as a patent engineer where he brought his technical expertise in patent drafting.

As a development engineer, René has received from IBM eight Invention Achievement Awards and an Outstanding Technical Achievement award. René has also made numerous publications and has presented papers on his work and activities in many international conferences.

He currently holds, as inventor or co-inventor, more than thirty patents that have been granted by the USPTO, many of which were drafted by himself. He has been a consultant for Cabinet Hautier since 2004.

Language Skills

French, English