Qualifications - Training

- European Patent Attorney (EPO)
- French Patent Attorney (INPI)
- Monegasque Patent Attorney
- Graduated from the CEIPI in Strasbourg
- MBA obtained at the Sorbonne University of Paris
- Engineer, graduated from the ENSAM Engineering School in Paris (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts & Métiers)

Legal expertise

- Patent drafting, filing and prosecution
- Patent defence
- Patent litigation and negotiations
- Freedom to operate
- Oppositions before the EPO
- Due diligence and evaluation of patent portfolios

Technical expertise

- Communication networks and digital communication
- Software implemented inventions & Business Methods
- Microelectronics & Semiconductors
- Computer technology
- Mechanical engineering

Nicolas Hautier specializes in digital communication, IT and semiconductors, microelectronics for clients ranging from worldwide known research centers to innovative start-ups.
He has also enriched his background in mechanical engineering through patent drafting for a car manufacturing company and household appliances manufacturing companies.

He is also strongly involved in the field of patents related to methods and computer implemented inventions. In this field, his knowledge of the practices and of the case laws of both European and US patent offices allows his clients to take advantage of the specificities of these patent offices at an early stage of the proceedings.

He has advised on many patent disputes (litigation, patent infringement, opposition at the European Patent Office in Munich etc). After completing his MBA, it was natural for him to proceed towards the domains of taxation and IP financial evaluation. Nicolas HAUTIER is an active member of the EPI (European Patent Institute). He was elected at the European Patent Practice Committee (EPPC) which is the commission in charge of improving the Convention on the European patent in close collaboration with the EPO. Nicolas HAUTIER is also a member of AIPPI and FICPI.


After an initial experience in the patent department of a car manufacturer, Nicolas Hautier was challenged as a patents’ engineer in a patent law firm in Paris.
He also developed his experience in the energy field while working on a program for the American Department of Energy (DOE) at the Berkeley National Laboratory in California.
He gives conferences organized by the French patent office (INPI), by the Chambre de Commerce de l’Industrie (CCI), and lectures in IP law and strategy at the Nice Business School and the Sophia Antipolis Professional University Institute.

Language Skills

French, English, Spanish