• Patents

  • Trademarks

  • Domain Names

  • Droits d'auteur & modèles

  • Contracts

  • Litigation

    Whether you are attacking or defending, our multi-disciplinary team can step in to ensure your rights are complied with.

  • strategy & auditing

    Because your IP should be incorporated into a strategy having clearly defined objectives and regularly monitored results.

  • Value Enhancement - Financial Assessment

    Because Intellectual Property is, above all, a means for generating value.

Hautier Law Firm

The law firm Hautier is one of the oldest and most respected Intellectual Property firms in France and Monaco, dating back to 1892.
Our core business consists of advising client and their direct representation in all aspects of intellectual property, such as:

We ensure our clients direct representation before the European, French and Monegasque patents & trademarks offices.
We have been chosen as a strategic partner not only by some of Europe’s most successful international companies, but also by SMEs and a variety of other intellectual property specialists throughout the world.

Quality and expertise combined with mutual trust are fundamental in our relations to our clients.

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