Value Enhancement - Financial Assessment

Value Enhancement - Financial Assessment

Value Enhancing and Funding Innovation

Regardless of whether your IP titles generate financial revenue or are entered in your firm's balance sheet as intangible assets, or indeed both, IP is now mainly perceived as being a means for producing value.

When you want to transform your IP titles into financial revenue, our experts advise you and help you with negotiating and drafting contracts. We also assist with technology transfer.

In order to optimise negotiating or drafting a contract in this field, it is essential to use intellectual property specialists and for them to have excellent command of the economic and technical environments of transaction. For this purpose, our lawyers work in close collaboration with our IP specialist engineers and patent attorneys.

Since innovating often requires major funding, our experts advise you about the solutions that exist for funding innovation, and give you the advantage of the relations of trust that we enjoy with the members of the private and public bodies dedicated to funding innovation.

Our IP valuation approach includes:
Our funding approache includes:

Financial Assessment

Our team has been involved in numerous transactions for valuating IP assets and has thus acquired in-depth experience in financial assessment of IP portfolios.

We thus help firms who have IP portfolios to valuate their assets to show bankers, investors, and acquirers. We also act for investors, be they individuals or companies, by providing them with an assessment of their target and by identifying any risks.

These aspects of our services include:


Specific legislation applies to revenue from intellectual property.
We can advise you so that you take advantage of the specific situations and comply with your legal obligations.

These aspects of our services include: