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Strategy & Auditing

Adapting intellectual property to suit your needs

Using industrial property to optimum effect is possible only if the firm implements a well thought out strategy for managing its intellectual property assets. The stakes are high because the legal precautions and indeed the needs in terms of protecting creations and of making appropriate use of rights vary considerably from one firm to another, as do available budgets.

Cabinet Hautier assists you with defining, implementing, and monitoring your intellectual property strategy. Procedure for processing inventions, managing relations with inventors, preserving know-how and secrets are but a few examples of measures to be taken before filing any patent applications. Setting objectives for your patent or trademark portfolio and optimising your budgets are other aspects with which we can help you. Your firm can thus develop its intangible assets with the means appropriate to attaining its goals.

Intellectual property rights are intrinsically and increasingly vectors of interaction with third parties, be they partners, competitors, or even infringers. Cabinet Hautier helps you to keep watch over your competitors' industrial property activities, and defines with you the strategic stances to be taken in your relations with third parties.

These aspects of our services include:

Auditing – Due Diligence

Auditing your intellectual property to show the full value of your company

Modern businesses are required by their customers to work to short deadlines, they are put under pressure from competition, and have to make technical, industrial, or commercial decisions very quickly. Choices as to whether to apply for industrial property protection are then often made through spot decisions and are not systematically reassessed. And yet, it is essential to base everyday protection actions on an overall proactive approach that is regularly reassessed.

Cabinet Hautier gives you a full analysis of the state of your portfolio of titles, and examines the internal procedures implemented. An assessment is made and we draw up recommendations for improving or reorienting the protection policy of your firm. With experts whose skills are complementary strategically, technically, and legally, e.g. both for patents and for trademarks & designs, Cabinet Hautier can grasp the fullness of your situation. Your intellectual property is better grounded and re-updated.

Such auditing and due diligence assignments are also entrusted to us by firms who are seeking to open up their capital or to prepare for assigning or transferring their businesses.

Identifying the risks associated with an investment

We also do due diligence for investors, be they individuals or companies, who wish to be aware of the intellectual property assets and risks related to an acquisition.

Our auditing and due diligence approaches include: