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Christian RATEL

As an European Patent Attorney, Christian assists his clients in the definition of their IP strategy and takes care of the drafting of applications and their issuance procedures.
+33(0)4 82 29 97 26


  • Registered agent before the European Patent Office (EPO)
  • Industrial Property Attorney
  • Graduate of CEIPI “Patents” and “Trademarks, Designs and Models
  • Engineer in industrial computing and instrumentation – PolyTech GrenobleM2
  • M2 in Physics – University of Grenoble


  • Patent drafting and prosecution
  • Patentability/freedom to operate study
  • Patent litigation in France, infringement and invalidity
  • Opposition and appeal before the EPO – Legal and technical watch
  • Foreign procedures, US, JP and CN in particular
  • Definition of protection strategies
  • PPH procedure


  • Mechanical engineering, cable car transport (cable cars)
  • Equipment for motor vehicles (gearboxes, engines, air conditioning systems)
  • Fastening elements (inserts, nuts, screws)
  • Building (walls, slabs, roofs, thermal insulation materials)
  • Computer science and software, image processing, interactive graphic interface (IHM), neural networks
  • Telecommunications and communication protocols
  • Electronics (integrated circuits – functionalities, realization)

Christian RATEL has a general education in physics and in computer science and instrumentation, and is specialized in PLC supervision. He acquired this specialization during his software development missions for a large company in Grenoble.

With 15 years of professional experience, Christian has developed his technical skills in various fields such as cable transportation, fasteners, automotive engines, neural networks, software, electronics and telecommunications.

Christian assists his clients in defining their intellectual property strategy and handles the drafting of applications and their examination procedures. Christian advises clients ranging from IP experts of large companies, to R&D managers of small and medium-sized companies, to start-ups or project developers who are not familiar with IP.



After 6 years of industry experience as a computing development engineer for a software and computing services company, Christian chose to joint the IP attorney profession. He first started as a patent engineer in one large Parisian firm and then a second one, notably to represent larges companies.

Christian then joined, HAUTIER IP in 2020.