Qualifications - Training

- Lawyer
- Master 2 degree in Business Law specializing in Intellectual Property
- Master 1 degree in Business Law and Commercial Law

Law and Procedure Expertise

- Patent application drafting
- Patent prosecution
- Patent prior art search
- Freedom to operate
- Trade mark’s availability search and validity study
- Follow-up of patent process
- Patent validation

- Drafting and negotiation of IP contracts: Assignment, licensing, technology transfer, coexistence agreement, confidentiality agreement
- PCT procedure
- Foreign filings and granting process in France and worldwide

Thibault Marmonier is a legal expert in business law with a focus on intellectual property. During his studies he learnt all topics necessary to advise at best his customers. He has thus acquired the knowledge particularly in patent law, trademarks and designs, copyright and right of the software as well as in contract law, taxation of Intellectual Property, Competition law or even in European law.


From the very beginning of his legal studies, Thibault Marmonier has decided to focus on intellectual property and in particular patent law studies. Being passionate about technique and new technologies, the alliance of technology and law comes natural to him. He has then completed the Master studies of Intellectual Property in Lyon. During his studies he wrote a thesis on FRAND (Fair Reasonable and Non Discriminatory) license. That paper allowed him to apply his knowledge both in patent law and in competition law, contract law and European law.

During his internships in business law firms and at the INPI, he gained the necessary skills to understand the economic and legal realities of his clients. This experience and passion for combining law and science have enabled him to join HAUTIER in 2014. He is currently patent practitioner in the firm and provides services such as patent service (drafting, prior art search), trade mark service (availability study , drafting wordings) , legal services (drafting license, assignment confidentiality agreements) and process (preparing patent filings, following international process; and preparing PCT applications)