Qualifications - Training

- European Patent Attorney (EPO)
- Graduated from the CEIPI in Strasbourg
- Ph. D in Materials Science - ONERA
- Master of research in Statistical Physics
- Master 2 in Physics – University of Montreal

Legal Expertise

- Protection strategies
- Patent specification drafting and prosecution
- Study of patentability / freedom to operate
- Oral proceedings before the EPO
- Legal and Technical Watch
- Foreign procedures in US, Japan and China
- PPH procedure

Technical Expertise

- Physics (crystallography , phase transitions , semiconductor, statistics, thermodynamics Microelectronics
- Electronics
- Information Technology and Communication (ICT)
- Optics
- Signal processing, cryptography, biometrics , plastics


Quentin BRONCHART has a general education in physics and specializes through his academic curricula in statistical physics and materials science. He acquired the latter specialization during his thesis at the Laboratory for the Study of Microstructures ONERA where he studied the phenomenon of germination-growth during phase transitions in super alloys, with an approach both theoretical and digital. He reinforced his doctoral studies by tutoring where he led mechanical, fluid physics, thermodynamics, optics, electrostatics and electrodynamics works. This broad scientific base allows him to understand as a patent engineer various technical fields, from classical mechanics to electronics.

In mechanics, his works include superstructures such as bridges and windmills and the building thereof, as well as fluid dispensing systems. He also worked on smart cards, their manufacturing process and securing their uses. In electronics, he worked primarily on operational stacks of semiconductor devices and their manufacturing process for applications including LEDs and photovoltaic panels. For example, he has drafted patent applications for the manufacturing of semiconductor layers by heat treatments and chalcogenation of metal precursors. When he worked as patent engineer in two Parisian firms, Quentin developed some expertise in biometrics, lithography, 3D printing and plastics.
As a European Patent Attorney, Quentin assists companies to define their IP strategy and is responsible for the drafting of specifications and obtaining their grant. He regularly handles opposition and appeal proceedings before the European Patent Office in Munich. He also provides legal and technical consultation to valorize the acquired rights. From its doctorate obtained at ONERA, he has been a privileged interlocutor at the university and in EPIC /EPST.