Benjamin DELSOL

Qualifications - Training

- Patent Engineer
- Ph. D in Quantum Nano-Electronics and Materials Science
- Master of Materials Science and Nano-Objects

Legal expertise

- Patent specification drafting
- Patent prosecution
- Patent prior art search
- Freedom to operate

Technical expertise

- Microelectronics and Nanoelectronics
- Physics
- Materials Science

Benjamin Delsol specializes in the areas of Nanoelectronics and Quantum Materials Science and more generally in all physics. He acquired technical skills by working on his thesis at the Neel Institute and at Laboratory SIMAP in Grenoble. He has in particular worked on superconducting quantum circuits.

Benjamin DELSOL also specializes in patent drafting and prosecution of technologies in the fields of digital communication, and electronic devices and applications for mobile communicating devices such as smart phones and tablets. In these fields he has built the patent portfolio of a high number of high tech companies and start-up that has encountered big success.


In year 2010, Benjamin Delsol began his career in the Laboratory SIMAP and Neel Institute in Grenoble and worked 3 years to obtain his doctorate (Ph.D) in Nanoelectronics and Quantum Materials Science. During these three years of experimental and documentary research, he developed skills such as paying attention to details and has built up the minds of analytical thinking.

During his various experiences in the world of research, Benjamin Delsol had the opportunity to work on various projects not only in Nano-technology, but also in Materials Science. These two disciplines made him both an engineer and a researcher, and taught him to handle issues being both concrete and abstract.

During these three years of thesis, he chose to attend seminars with the focus on Intellectual Property, its framework and its challenges. These seminars also enabled him to see a world where laws, technologies and industries meet. Benjamin Delsol is always interested in innovations and new technologies, which led him to join HAUTIER in 2014.